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Envision yourself awakening refreshed, filled with energy and ready to genuinely connect with your loved ones. Picture yourself infused with inspiration, motivation and a sense of calmness and clarity. By lighting a candle, you can raise your vibration, release energy blockers and support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Far from a self-indulgent pleasure, this is essential self-nourishment. Enjoy the luxurious fragrance while the energy subtly releases restrictions, leaving you feeling lighter, more balanced and more focused.

Restore your energy, achieve peace and acceptance

The experience of burning our candles and receiving the energy is a personal and individual experience. We all experience the struggles, challenges and demands of busy lives, yet our personal journeys are different. While candle has a set intent, the energy will balance your own physical, mental or emotional challenges by eliminating blockages and filling the voids in a unique way.

Whatever your personal need may be, by honouring your need for peace, relaxation and genuine self-care you will feel lighter, more balanced and more energised.

Selecting the healing energy you crave

Our Sandalwood candle has been designed to subtly cleanse your energy blockers, enhancing your natural ability to heal and manage the demands of daily life.

Sandalwood is an ideal starting point, opening your energy flow up to the healing properties of our other candles. This is a lovely, comforting candle to burn when you’re feeling unwell.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, unwell or struggling to get through the day.

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Moonlight Grace will gently raise your vibration, soothing anxieties, lifting your mood and wrapping you in calming, peaceful energy.

This beloved candle provides tranquillity and peace for those experiencing emotional trauma or grief. It’s also wonderful

I feel emotionally exhausted, anxious and depleted.

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Free Spirit’s remarkable healing energy will revive your motivation and unleash your inspiration. Receive a fresh sense of vibrancy and energy to face the day with a clear sense of focus, purpose and fulfilment.

Rediscover your potential and find yourself energised, active and free through this candle’s healing energy.

I feel lethargic, unmotivated or feeling stuck in a rut. I am yearning to refresh my energy.

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If you’re still unsure, we encourage you to reach out to us. We will pull an intention card on your behalf and select the right candle for you.

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