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Generations ago in New Zealand, a Maori high priestess graced her tribe. So spiritually sacred that the souls of her feet were forbidden from touching the ground, her people would lift and carry her, so that her sacred energy didn’t share the same earth they walked upon.

Through my ancestors and my own practice, I’ve been blessed to witness and experience the powerful internal change that energy healing offers. And now, I bring this gift to you.

Earth’s universal energy empowers you in your healing process, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, guiding you as in improving your wellbeing from within.

Energy blockages cause physical and emotional symptoms within our body. You may feel less ‘you’, or disconnected from those you love. Fatigue, emotional overload and an inability to switch off can all take hold, leaving you feeling depleted emotionally, physically and spiritually.

These candles were borne from my desire to empower others to devote time to honour their own healing in the sanctuary of their own home. Light a candle, permit yourself to prioritise your own needs, and revel in this new source of energy and motivation.

It’s my wish to bring balance back by raising the vibration of humans on our beautiful planet Earth. By raising our vibration and reducing the debilitating negative energies in the world, we could bring back balance out of the darkness and into the light.

Bringing the gift of energy to your home

It’s not unusual to feel flat, off balance and exhausted. Our lives are busy, demanding and difficult to switch off from. We blame sleeplessness and stress, or worse still, judge ourselves harshly as being unable to cope.

We don’t have to accept this as normal. Often, rather than being part of life, these feelings result from energy blockages and low vibration. Instead of accepting the darkness, we can reach for the light.

If your energy isn’t flowing well, you’re left feeling sick, listless and off balance. Sometimes, you might be unable to pinpoint exactly what you’re feeling, other than that you feel disconnected and unlike yourself. Energy medicine has been around for thousands of years, and focuses on removing blocks in your body's energetic field that can cause poor health. By restoring the flow and raising your vibration, your physically, emotional and mental wellbeing is brought back into balance, allowing you to feel calm, clear and grounded.

How your energy affects you

Every living thing has a vibration. Any particles that produce energy vibrate, and as living beings we are no different. Vibrations are the rhythms and motion caused by energy. Many of our vibrations and rhythms are obvious - our heart beat, the rate of our breath, circadian rhythm and menstrual cycle are all physical rhythms.

The vibrations addressed through energy healing exist on a much smaller, cellular level. It’s these vibrations that can be elevated or depleted through our emotional and energetic state. Feelings of peace, contentment and happiness cause higher vibrations, while negative emotions such as stress, anger, fear and loneliness lower our vibration.

Stress and anxiety are easily understood examples of these vibrations - a sense of heightened anxiety leads to a racing heart. By releasing energy blockages and tapping into our own emotions, we can raise our vibrations, improving our own mood, energy levels and regaining our sense of self.


If you’re still unsure, we encourage you to reach out to us. We will pull an intention card on your behalf and select the right candle for you.

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