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Allow yourself to experience the transformational effects of energy healing with our range of hand-crafted candles. Release blockages and facilitate your healing from your own private sanctuary - your home.

Your wellbeing is influenced by your own energy flow. Fatigue, anxiety, a sense of being overwhelmed by your emotions and an inability to switch off can all be responses to restrictions in your natural energy flow.

This is your invitation to prioritise your own needs. Set aside what you’re juggling, even if only for a moment. Create space and time just for you. As you voice your intention and light our energy activated candles, visualise yourself feeling calm, grounded and balanced. Allow yourself to be in the moment as the candles release your energy blockers, raise your vibration and restore balance.


When our energy is disrupted, it’s hard to fully understand just how we need
healing. Whether you’re feeling on edge, anxious, lethargic or simply feel like you’ve got little left to give, our candles will work to rebalance your flow and restore your energy.

Our candles have been energy activated and programmed to work with your own natural energy fields to raise your vibration, improving your wellbeing, healing and inspiration.

Rather than being reliant on external forces to refuel and energise you, with our trio of candles you’ll tap into yourself, releasing your own healing energy. By opening yourself to the energy, you’re free to step into your own strength, energy and sense of calm so you can be your best at work, and at home.

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The cleansing candle. Free yourself from worry, self-doubt and negative thoughts. Sandalwood is a restoring and grounding candle, ideal for releasing energy blockages and gently soothing the sensation of being overwhelmed by life’s demands.


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The healing candle. Moonlight Grace is ideal for reducing the stress and depletion caused by our busy lives. Calm your mind, balance your emotions, and activate your own natural healing abilities. Moonlight Grace also offers comfort for those grieving or experiencing heightened emotions.

Moonlight Grace

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The candle of vitality. Lift low energy levels, awaken your inspiration and overcome fatigue and lethargy. Free Spirit will infuse you with fresh energy, reconnect you with yourself and remind you that you are enough.

Free Spirit

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If you feel flat, conflicted or agitated, our energy-healing candles can help you navigate a path back into your own strength and the calm you’re craving.

As energetic beings, when our energy becomes blocked, complications can manifest in our bodies. Stress, depletion, trauma and anxiety all impact our energy flow. Not only does this cause fatigue, lethargy and burnout, it can also lead to physical illnesses.

Our candles are created with moon, earth and water energy, along with essences of rich minerals and activated with Mana energy.


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Generations ago in New Zealand, a Maori high priestess graced her tribe. She was considered so spiritually sacred that the souls of her feet never touched the earth. Her people would not permit her sacred energy to share the same ground they walked upon.

These candles are an extension of me, and of her, by virtue of my ancestry. I support others in their healing process mentally, emotionally and spiritually, guiding them to improve their overall wellbeing. Energy blockages extend beyond just ‘feeling tired’ - you feel less you and less connected to those you love.

I’ve been blessed to witness and experience the powerful internal change that energy healing can bring. And now, I bring this gift to you.


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joe S.

felt so energised after only 1 hour

Beautiful candle. Felt so energised after burning for only 1 hour. Will be getting the other 2. Highly recommended. Have not found anything quite like this and beautifully presented.

so uplifting and smell so delightful!

These candles are absolutely just beautiful,so uplifting and smell so delightful!


therepeutic for the mind, body and soul

Beautiful candles that not only smell amazing they are therapeutic for the mind, body and soul

Pina Cerminara

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